Website Changelog

Here's what's changed on the site since the start of time!
Newest updates shown first.
Version breakdown: (Example: v1.9.4.1) = Site Version 1, VEKTR0 version 9.4, Site Revision 1


v1.10.0.0 ┈ Sunday, December 31st, 2023

VEKTR0.10: A New Era.

--- Updated splash image (found on home page) to updated "VEKTR0.10" logo

--- Updated image for "Designs" in Portfolio
--- Updated VEKTR0.10 with "Release Edition" graphics, including image descriptions

--- Updated image for "About Designs" in About
--- Updated information in About Designs, specifically in regards to VEKTR0v9 and VEKTR0.10

v1.9.23.10 ┈ Tuesday, December 19th, 2023

--- Updated header image to new "R0.10" logo
--- Updated splash image (found on home page) to new "VEKTR0.10" logo
--- Updated information on home page
--- Removed link for "X" (formerly known as Twitter) from home page
--- Removed obsolete information in navigation

--- Added VEKTR0.10 to Designs
--- Updated VEKTR0v9 in Designs
--- Added 3 series' to YouTube Thumbnails, including image descriptions: --- Updated 4 series' in YouTube Thumbnails, including image descriptions:
--- Updated information in About My Designs
--- Updated information in About My Tech
--- Updated information in About My Videos

v1.9.23.02 ┈ Tuesday, December 12th, 2023

--- Revived the fucking website. Are you happy, now?

v1.9.23.01 ┈ Sunday, January 29th, 2023

--- Added About Shadow, my newly-acquired 2016 Dodge Charger SXT.

v1.9.23.00 ┈ Thursday, January 12th, 2023

--- Added 5 series' to YouTube Thumbnails:
--- Added image descriptions to Rainbow Six Siege Thumbnails


v1.9.5.0 ┈ Sunday, October 30th, 2022 ┈ Ro

v1.9.4.1 ┈ Wednesday, September 28th, 2022 ┈ Ro

--- Deleted a file that was causing some chaos. It was a feature, not a bug.

--- Compressed the 4k wallpapers Forza Horizon 5 Wallpaper Pack, significantly reducing the file size. I am speed (when downloading).

v1.9.4.0 ┈ Tuesday, September 27th, 2022 ┈ Ro

--- Renamed some of the head categories. Nothing major, there.
--- Updated About Ro with current information. Ro Ro Ro your boat makes me want to scream.
--- Updated some information on About Mitchi. I'm not showing you the CarFax.
--- Updated some information on About My Designs. Not quite as frequently as me actually changing my designs, though.
--- Updated About My Videos with current information. If only I could upload videos as frequently as I update this site.

--- Made changes to VEKTR0v9:
-- Restructured file names. Nobody will notice this.
-- Reorganized something minor. Someone might notice this.
-- Uploaded previously released designs, including from the most recent FH5 wallpaper pack. The entire world will notice this.

--- The changelog is now going to maintain a version number in coordination with my design releases.
--- This means that with this current design being v9.4, the changelog is also v1.9.4.0.

v1.9.3.4 ┈ Thursday, September 22nd, 2022 ┈ Ro

--- Added VEKTR0V9 - Forza Horizon 5 Wallpaper Pack.

v1.9.3.3 ┈ Saturday, September 17th, 2022 ┈ Ro

--- Replaced iPhone 12 Pro Max with iPhone 14 Pro in About Tech.

v1.9.3.2 ┈ Wednesday, September 14th, 2022 ┈ Ro

--- Added 54 screenshots to Forza Horizon 5 in Gaming.

v1.9.3.1 ┈ Sunday, September 11th, 2022 ┈ Ro

--- Added Propnight to YouTube Thumbnails, with captions.
--- Updated Travel & Transport in YouTube Thumbnails, with captions.

v1.9.3.0 ┈ Saturday, May 21st, 2022 ┈ Ro

--- Added the following to YouTube Thumbnails, with captions:
--- Updated the following in YouTube Thumbnails with captions:

v1.9.2.5 ┈ Monday, April 11th, 2022 ┈ Ro

--- Added my car, Mitchi.
--- Updated About Me.

v1.9.2.4 ┈ Tuesday, April 5th, 2022 ┈ Ro

--- Added new designs, all with captions!
-- VEKTR0v8: Neon, Evolved.
-- VEKTR0v9: fl0manel's Final Voyage.

v1.9.2.3 ┈ Thursday, March 31st, 2022 ┈ Ro

--- Updated icons. What an iconic change.

--- Updated various icons. What an iconic variety.

v1.9.2.2 ┈ Thursday, March 31st, 2022 ┈ Ro

--- Simplified the navigation menu, for now. You can now safely travel from point A to point B, safely.
------ Removed sub-menus for About and Portfolio. I hope to add these back so they're less intrusive in the future.

--- Added 9 screenshots to American Truck Simulator. What a haul.

v1.9.2.1 ┈ Tuesday, March 22nd, 2022 ┈ Ro

--- UPDATED information in About Tech.
------ REPLACED questions with basic device info/names.
------ REPLACED 2020 iPad Pro with 2021 iPad Pro.
------ UPDATED iPhone 12 Pro Max.
------ UPDATED MacBook Pro.
------ ADDED M1 Mac Mini.
------ REMOVED iPhone 11.

v1.9.2.0 ┈ Saturday, March 5th, 2022 ┈ Ro

--- Added Travel & Transport.
--- Updated Rainbow Six | Siege.

v1.9.1.0 ┈ Sunday, February 13th, 2022 ┈ Ro

--- Updated information in Designs.

--- Added old designs to Designs.
------ VEKTR0v1.
------ VEKTR0v2.
------ VEKTR0v3.
------ VEKTR0v4.

v1.9.0.0 ┈ Saturday, February 12th, 2022 ┈ Ro

--- Changed from the VEKTR0v8 lettering logo to the new VEKTR0v9 lettering logo. I should've truncated this one.

--- New background images, to commemorate the release of VEKTR0v9! Gradients galore!
--- This also extends to the new header icon. Gotta keep your header on a swivel.

--- New Wallpaper Pack for VEKTR0v9 Release has been uploaded. It lurks in the shadows, though...

--- Added 2022. Somehow, went a whole 2.5 months without updating the website. In my defense, I had to wipe my PC on Christmas, never got around to getting website-related software back up and running until now. #lazy


v1.8.1.0 ┈ Decembar 20th, 2021 ┈ Jase

--- Big changes behind the scenes to bring the site up to speed with Jase's site regarding PHP, organisation and other things.
--- External CSS is now minified and combined with the rest of the site's CSS as one file.
--- JS now is combined and minified together, including some external scripts.
--- HTML is now also minified, with comments stripped etc.
--- Because jQuery is a pain in the ass, multiple scripts that used jQuery have been now changed to be vanilla JS including:
-- back-to-top button,
-- lazy load,
-- gallery lightbox
-- show more / show less toggles.
--- Adjusted the link color to be easier to see amongst the background.
--- Some CSS improvements reducing media-queries and other unneeded & repeated code drastically. Including:
-- Galleries,
-- Menus

--- The portfolio and download page galleries now make use of an improved PHP script. PHP functions and classes are great for reusability! One feature the script does is check that there's a matching image to the thumbnail or vice versa and display above as links any that are missing, plus grab any captions/alt text from an array if existent.
--- Gaming & YouTube Thumbnails now have 16:9 ratio gallery thumbnails instead of being 1:1 to look a lot cooler.
--- Added some curves because we all love having curves in our lives.

--- Download pages are now more accessible with thanks to a brilliant PHP function that Jase did that gets all pages and matches whatever the incorrect url is. Whether the request is like "/mods/abc/files/***", or "/mods/***", or "/mods/12345-***", it'll direct you to the right place if it exists, or otherwise just stay at the download section's home. It can also check multiple specified folders for pages, so if want to hide something by moving the folder to an archived folder but still want it accisible by the same link, then you can do just that.

--- The function Jase did for this, a PHP redirection script, it is quite the charm. Instead of using .htaccess so heavily, or nginx confs so heavily, or a url shortener that uses a database, this gem is hugely powerful for simple redirects and wildcard redirects, and much more simple. You can get the script too from Jase's stackoverflow post.

v1.8.0.1 ┈ November 09th, 2021 ┈ Ro

--- Added Forza Horizon 5. Gotta go fast.

--- Deleted 3 letters, fixed an issue that prevented all available downloads from showing. They were "fun."
--- Following Jeremy's suggestion, I created an unplanned wallpaper pack to celebrate the launch of Forza Horizon 5. Spontaneous, much?

v1.8.0.0 ┈ October 13, 2021 ┈ Ro

--- Updated background to v8.3. So bright, it's more of a foreground image.
--- Updated fl0manel in header to v8. He's been a good boy.

--- Updated splash image to a recent selfie. #selfie, amirite?
--- Updated splash logo to VEKTR0v8. Please be cautious when handling sharp logos.
--- Updated some wording and descriptions. Oh word?
--- Updated social network links. https://discord.gg/vektr0 ;)

v1.7.5.3 ┈ June 22, 2021 ┈ Ro

--- Updated information in About Tech, pertaining to Apple devices. Only the best operating systems, ever.

v1.7.5.2 ┈ May 10, 2021 ┈ Ro

--- Rearranged a couple of things. Spring cleaning, amirite?

--- Updated some information in About Me. Then you gonna Know 'Bout Me (it's a Barely Alive song).
--- Added some information in About Designs. Something is coming...
--- Updated minor information in About Tech. No, not Tech N9ne.

v1.7.5.1 ┈ April 16, 2021 ┈ Ro

--- Updated backdrop. No greenscreen needed.

--- Updated v7 under Designs. Looking good.
--- Added the following in Gaming. Just gamer things.
------ Added Forza Horizon 4. We aint' taking the bus, anymore!
------ Added Tourist Bus Simulator. Ope, nevermind, I guess we still are taking the bus.
--- Added screenshots to the following in YouTube Thumbnails. Picture this...
------ San Andreas: Law. #RIP.
------ Rainbow Six | Siege. Your job is to locate and cluster charge the hostage, Fuze.
------ Worldwide Trucking. It's Mister Worldwide.

v1.7.5.0 ┈ April 16, 2021 ┈ Ro

--- Changed a 6 to a 7. Solved world hunger.

v1.7.2.2 ┈ January 31, 2021 ┈ Ro

--- A new download section for fun stuff like WALLPAPER PACKS. VEKTR0v7 Wallpaper Pack Volume 1 out NOW.

v1.7.2.1 ┈ January 30, 2021 ┈ Ro & Jase

--- More links are now available in the sidebar navigation for About and Portfolio. Unlike Garmin, my navigation will get you where you want to go.

--- Upgraded to the new About section, which is much more organized and informative. ABOOT.

v1.7.2.0 ┈ January 29, 2021 ┈ Ro

--- Updated some information about me on home page. You don't knooow me.
--- Updated logo to VEKTR0v7 lettering on home page. Oh man, that's pointy.
--- Updated fl0manel to v7 on sitewide header. Looking sharp there, bud.
--- Upgraded About Me section, which is currently a work in progress. #fresh.

--- Updated splash image. #selfie.

--- Updated "VEKTR0v7" thumbnail. Wompus approves.
--- Added to "VEKTR0v7" designs. My next major update is a powerful engine type, or a vegetable juice.

--- Updated PC build list on PC Part Picker. New keyboard, who dis?

v1.7.1.0 ┈ January 03, 2021 ┈ Ro

--- Caught up on "San Andreas: Law" screenshots. Don't screenshot and drive.
--- Caught up on "American Truck Simulator" screenshots. P H O T O M O D E.
--- Added "Cyberpunk 2077" screenshots. Let's get cyber, punk.
--- Added "No Man's Sky" screenshots. This is restricted airspace.


v1.7.0.0 ┈ November 11, 2020 ┈ Jase

--- Website returned to rightful owner. It's good to be back.

v1.6.2.3 ┈ August 8, 2020 ┈ Ro

--- Updated background image. So fresh, so clean.

--- Updated "Designs" icon. New design, who dis?

v1.6.2.2 ┈ June 24, 2020 ┈ Jase

--- Changed content/splash border radius. Everyone loves curves right?
--- Minor corrections regarding sidebar behaviour on iOS/Safari and browsers that don't support backdrop-filters.

--- Changed versioning format from X.X.X to X.X.X.X. First number now represents the version of the site itself as designed by Jase. Second number now represents fl0manel's design version. You see, this site updates t00 damn often for three numbers.

New versioning format vs old

v1.6.2.1 from v6.2.1
v1.6.2.0 from v6.2.0
v1.6.1.9 from v6.1.9
v1.6.1.8 from v6.1.8
v1.6.1.7 from v6.1.7
v1.6.1.6 from v6.1.6
v1.6.1.5 from v6.1.5
v1.6.1.4 from v6.1.4
v1.6.1.3 from v6.1.3
v1.6.1.2 from v6.1.2
v1.6.1.1 from v6.1.1
v1.6.1.0 from v6.1.0

v1.6.0.2 from v6.0.2
v1.6.0.1 from v6.0.1
v1.6.0.0 from v6.0.0
v1.5.1.1 from v5.1.1
v1.5.1.0 from v5.1.0
v1.5.0.1 from v5.0.1
v1.5.0.0 from v5.0.0

v1.4.1.1 from v4.1.1
v1.4.1.0 from v4.1.0
v1.4.0.6 from v4.0.6
v1.4.0.5 from v4.0.5
v1.4.0.4 from v4.0.4
v1.4.0.3 from v4.0.3
v1.4.0.2 from v4.0.2
v1.4.0.1 from v4.0.1
v1.4.0.0 from v4.0.0

v1.3.0.0 from v3.1.0
v1.2.1.0 from v2.1.0
v1.2.0.0 from v2.0.0
v1.1.2.0 from v1.3.0
v1.1.1.2 from v1.2.2
v1.1.1.1 from v1.2.1

v1.1.1.0 from v1.2.0
v1.1.0.0 from v1.1.0
v1.0.0.2 from v1.0.2
v1.0.0.1 from v1.0.1
v1.0.0.0 from v1.0.0
v0.1.0.0 from v0.1.0

v1.6.2.1 ┈ June 20, 2020 ┈ Ro

--- Changed the hover color of links. Orange is the new, erm, blue.

--- Changed splash image. But like, it's not really a splash image. It's an image of my face. Some might call it a "selfie".

v1.6.2.0 ┈ June 17, 2020 ┈ Ro & Jase

--- Added a backdrop filter blur to the header, sidebar, and content. No, you don't need new glasses.
--- Changed tint color. I think.
--- Changed background image. It's 'round the back.
--- Updated logo in the header. It now looks cool.

v1.6.1.9 ┈ May 27, 2020 ┈ Ro

--- Added Grand Theft Auto V (Photography) as a section dedicated to the best GTA V photography that I've taken. All images within have been edited through Photoshop to enhance the image quality from detail, to vibrance, to making scenes more gritty and mysterious.

v1.6.1.8 ┈ May 16, 2020 ┈ Ro

--- Added A Way Out, Far Cry 5, The Long Dark, and Worldwide Trucking to YouTube Thumbnails. May or may not contain... okay, yeah, those are spoilers.
--- Updated all icons for the portfolio so they match the current design guidelines. Sick, but like, not the Coronavirus kinda sick, ya know?

v1.6.1.7 ┈ April 09, 2020 ┈ Ro

--- Added Euro Truck Simulator 2. Fun fact, this was the first game to be featured on my YouTube channel!

v1.6.1.6 ┈ April 02, 2020 ┈ Ro

--- Corrected some minor typos. Darn auto-correct.
--- Updated phone information. Now more informational.
--- Added tablet information. How much tech do I need, anyway?

v1.6.1.5 ┈ March 21, 2020 ┈ Ro & Mike

--- Added YouTube Thumbnails. Still a work in progress, as it currently only includes LCPDFR, Liberty: Law, Rainbow Six: Siege, and San Andreas: Law.

v1.6.1.4 ┈ March 02, 2020 ┈ Ro

--- Added Designs. Currently, only v5 and v6 are available.

v1.6.1.3 ┈ February 27, 2020 ┈ Ro & Jase

--- Added Need for Speed Heat
--- Added Red Dead Redemption 2
--- Changed Lightbox gallery next and previous arrows to get rid of the ugly emojis that replace them on iOS Safari.
--- Galleries used to display a little bit weird with only a few images, not making use of the whole content width available. Now they act how they're supposed to now I've told it to be 100% width.

--- Changed VEKTR0 text logo from a fixed 250px to 90% width of the splash width so no longer overlaps on smaller screens such as older iPhones.

v1.6.1.2 ┈ February 25, 2020 ┈ Ro & Jase

--- Updated the sidebar navigation. Navigate responsibly, my friends.

--- Updated the full list of roles. Not to be confused with rolls, which when buttered are quite tasty.
--- Roles now feature the colors that are visible on the Discord server. Colors are not entirely accurate, just pretend you're color-blind.

--- Fixed a minor bug when hovering over the gallery images with macOS Safari, where they'd change size when hovering. Behaviour now works exactly like Chrome and other browsers.

v1.6.1.1 ┈ January 06, 2020 ┈ Ro

--- Added Far Cry 5, starting with 3 screenshots.

v1.6.1.0 ┈ January 05, 2020 ┈ Ro

--- Updated the background for VEKTR0v6 Project Neon Remastered. Officially looks neon-ish.
--- Updated the color scheme, accordingly.
--- Updated the sidebar, because that shade of blue I was using isn't the shade of blue I want now, so yeah, I fixed that so it better matches the new color scheme. Also, portfolio was moved to "Media" bcuz i feel liek that makes moar sens.
--- Typos suck, SO I YELLED AT HEM.
--- *THEM

--- Updates, per uuuzh. Sorry, wasn't really sure how to spell the first syllible of "usual" to make it sound like how you say it. This bullet point is now significantly longer than I wanted it to be.

--- Relaunched, now looks "Fancy", like that one song by Drake, T.I., and Swizz Beatz from like, 2010. omg that was 10 years ago.

--- I had to change some changes that were changed in the changelog.

--- Roles on the website now reflect roles on the server. It's like sweet bliss. No, I'm not talking about the drug in Far Cry 5. More like bliss.jpg from Windows XP. You know, the legend of a desktop background that got covered by those shortcuts for SimCity 4, mspaint.exe, and Internet Explorer.


v1.6.0.2 ┈ December 23, 2019 ┈ Ro

--- Minor changes, nothing to see here...

v1.6.0.1 ┈ October 22, 2019 ┈ Ro

--- Updated background image.

v1.6.0.0 ┈ October 14, 2019 ┈ Ro

--- Updated fl0manel in header from v5 to v6.
--- Updated fl0manel favicon from v5 to v6, with better browser compatibility.

--- Updated splash image to "ro v6".
--- Added VEKTR0v6 logo in bio.
--- Removed "hi i'm ro" subtitle.

--- Updated information regarding my current smartphone.
--- Updated information regarding PC specs.
--- Updated information regarding what I do. Rewrote the whole piece.
--- Updated information regarding music.

v1.5.1.1 ┈ April 15, 2019 ┈ Ro, Jase, & Mike

--- Site transferred to a new host

--- Added a URL Shortener to the site, for personal use by Ro only.

v1.5.1.0 ┈ February 19, 2019 ┈ Ro & Jase

--- Finally (after about 2 years) rolled out the brand new Game Mods section, a huge change from the old one.

v1.5.0.1 ┈ February 18, 2019 ┈ Ro

--- Updated color of links

--- Updated some answers

v1.5.0.0 ┈ February 11, 2019 ┈ Ro

--- Updated primary color to grey
--- Updated secondary color to white
--- Updated background image

--- Updated credits

--- Updated fl0manel logo, matching with fl0manel v5

--- Updated splash image
--- Updated bio information text
--- Updated social icons

--- Added 2 questions with proper answers regarding PC builds
--- Updated some answers

--- Added the "mk2" subdomain to redirect to the new PC build (named VEKTR0mk2) list


v1.4.1.1 ┈ December 26, 2018 ┈ Jase

--- Fixed a bug on mobile Chrome where the cover background would leave a white gap at the bottom when the address bar hides.
--- Fixed bug on mobile Safari where the cover background was scretched to the full page height.
--- Changed minimum html page width from 350px to 320px for better viewing on devices such as older iPhones.

v1.4.1.0 ┈ September 3, 2018 ┈ Ro

--- Updated to display full first name, instead of shortened first name.
--- Font size adjusted to fit longer name.
--- Font changed to "Ubuntu".
--- Subtitle text updated.

--- Rules updated.
--- Consequences hidden for ongoing editing.
--- Roles updated.

v1.4.0.6 ┈ July 3, 2018 ┈ Jase

--- More code organisations and improvements.
--- CSS files now combine into one file via PHP.
--- Added Meta og tags for social media to see the right information when sharing links on social media to the site.

v1.4.0.5 ┈ June 24, 2018 ┈ Jase

--- Modified code of all downloads menu to order by date using a php file instead of by folder names. This allows changing the date of a download, without touching the url.

v1.4.0.4 ┈ June 21, 2018 ┈ Jase

--- Added individual page titles to head code.
--- Made CSS more organised to allow for easier theme editing.

--- Image galleries now lazy load.
--- Added extra columns to portfolio gallery to reduce scrolling.

--- Added scrolling to galleries so only the first few thumbnails need to be shown.
--- Disqus comments will now not load until you click the Load Comments button.
--- Improved buttons below gallery.

v1.4.0.3 ┈ June 11, 2018 ┈ Jase & Ro

--- Updated back to top button background color to new color scheme
--- Updated favicons

--- Updated information to current

--- Updated changelog structure & info all the way back to initial release in 2016
--- Added a to do list section for listing things that still yet need to fix/implement

v1.4.0.2 ┈ June 10, 2018 ┈ Jase & Ro

--- Sidebar now pushs content to the left on open to improve usability
--- Fixed hover effect for Jase Wolf's credit
--- Updated Tumblr link
--- Removed Portfolio link
--- Added Social Media category
--- Added Facebook link to Social Media category
--- Added Instagram link to Social Media category
--- Added Snapchat link to Social Media category
--- Added Twitter link to Social Media category
--- Added Media category
--- Moved Game Mods link to Media category
--- Added Twitch.tv link to Media category
--- Added YouTube link to Media category

--- Added Changes page (this page), to show a history of changes to the website
--- Registered "Changes" and "Changelog" subdomains to the "Changes" page

--- Updated site update text to be a link to "Changes" page

v1.4.0.1 ┈ June 06, 2018 ┈ Jase & Ro

--- Added server role information

--- Added categories
--- Added link to Discord server role info

v1.4.0.0 ┈ June 01, 2018 ┈ Ro

--- Updated primary color to green
--- Updated secondary color to blue
--- Updated background image

--- Updated Jase Wolf's logo
--- Updated hover effect for Jase Wolf's credits

--- Added date for site updates

--- Updated fl0manel logo, he is now a lynx

--- Updated splash image
--- Updated bio information text
--- Updated social icons


v1.3.0.0 ┈ November 30, 2017 ┈ Ro

--- Updated website colors
--- Updated website background

--- Updated fl0manel to new design

--- Updated splash photo

v1.2.1.0 ┈ September 20, 2017 ┈ Jase

--- Added scrolling support
--- Added submenu support

v1.2.0.0 ┈ June 27, 2017 ┈ Ro

--- Updated website colors

--- Updated fl0manel to new design

--- Updated splash image

v1.1.2.0 ┈ May 20, 2017 ┈ Jase

--- Overhauled website loading speed.

v1.1.1.2 ┈ January 19, 2017 ┈ Ro & Jase

--- Added a back to the top hovering button
--- Added a back to previous page arrow on content pages

--- Turned the Game Mods page into a complete download site using GTA5-MODS as a reference -- Still beta

--- Updated Discord rules

v1.1.1.1 ┈ January 13, 2017 ┈ Ro & Jase

--- Improved & tidied up site coding
--- Accordion fixed - Now supports nested accordions. Divs cannot go in p tags. #suchnoob

--- Added a game modification downloads page

--- Drastically improved gallery coding
--- Images now show in descending order
--- Added support for any file extension for full images


v1.1.1.0 ┈ November 26, 2016 ┈ Ro & Jase

--- Updated website colors

--- Updated fl0manel for 2017

--- Added effect when hovering to gallery

--- Added a rules page for Discord

v1.1.0.0 ┈ November 09, 2016 ┈ Ro & Jase

--- Updated fonts
--- Improved responsiveness of website elements

--- r0bot is dead
--- fl0manel is a fox. fl0manel for the win

--- Updated & improved social icons
--- Removed 'watch my videos' button
--- Added small bio text below name

--- Fixed accordion behaviour regarding links

v1.0.0.2 ┈ September 25, 2016 ┈ Ro & Jase

--- Background image now changes on each visit
--- Fixed website favicon

--- Updated & improved rendering of splash image

--- Resized gallery images to render better

v1.0.0.1 ┈ September 13, 2016 ┈ Ro

--- Fonts updated

--- About information updated

v1.0.0.0 ┈ September 11, 2016 ┈ Ro & Jase

--- r0bot web initial release

v0.1.0.0 ┈ August 26, 2016 ┈ Ro & Jase

--- Temporary beta landing page release
Please report any website bugs, fixes or suggestions to Ro or Jase.

To do list

--- IN PROGRESS: Major website overhaul to v2.x.x.x. It's being worked on, but it ain't easy.
------ INCLUDING: Redone home page. It's like remodeling a house, right?
------ INCLUDING: Better navigation. So you can arrive at your destination, instead of in the middle of a lake. No offense, Garmin users.
------ INCLUDING: Updated Portfolio. Just picture it.
------ INCLUDING: Combined Download section, instead of "Fun Downloads" and "Game Mods". Less fun, more downloads.

--- IN PROGRESS: Upload all YouTube video thumbnails (released and unreleased versions). Original archive was lost due to a dead hard drive, but newer thumbnails are still safe.