V E K T R 0 . - Rules

Before participating in my Discord server, please review these rules.

Respect every member of the server.

Disrespecting other members of this server is simply not tolerated. This includes insults, threats, discrimination, and harassment. Also, if someone is talking, don't interupt them.

No spamming!

Spamming can consist of emotes, caps, commands, promoting, or anything else that would be considered overly-repetitive.

Some examples of spamming are:
- Text (multiple messages)
- Links
- Caps / Yelling
- Emotes / Symbols
- Links
- Hot-Mic
- Chain Messages

Don't ask for a higher role.

Higher roles include Bad Fellas (a private collective, we're not looking for new members), Staff (trusted members of the server that can handle difficult situations and help other members when I'm not around), and Friends & Family (self-explanitory).

First offense is a warning (strike), second offense permanently disqualifies you from these roles. Third offense is a kick from the server.

Politics & Religion

Despite the sensitivity of these subjects, they are still permitted on the server. However, your intent cannot be to insult/offend, or attack another member of the server.

Links & Media

Links and media (images, videos, and music) are only allowed within certain text channels. Links are judged based on their content.

Here's the breakdown:
- #general - articles, social media profiles, blogs
- #media - images, videos, music
- #memes - memes (duh)
- #gaming - gaming-based articles, game sales, screenshots, videos
- #music-commands - music links, only for use with the fl0manel bot in the Music voice channel
- #nsfl - anything that contains nudity, pornographic or not
- things that can vary - general links can be posted as a reply in other text channels. For example, if someone asks about a PC build in #media, a link to PC Part Picker link can be posted in #media.

Gaming Channels

Anyone is permitted to join the Gaming Rooms, but only if you're...
- Currently playing the same game with other members in that room.
- Planning to or preparing to play the same game with other members in that room.

If you join a gaming room and don't meet these requirements, you will receive a warning (strike) from fl0manel.

Alternate Accounts

Alternate accounts are not permitted on the server, and will be kicked. Continued attempts to use alternate accounts will result in a kick of the primary account and a ban for the alternate account. A ban will be placed on the primary account if further issues of this matter arise. These alternate accounts may include:
- Unauthorized "bot" accounts
- Duplicate accounts
- Fake accounts

If you needed to make a new account (for example, due to an issue with two-factor authentication in which you could no longer access the old account), please contact me, so I can remove the old account from the server.

Evasion of Consequences

Users who evade consequences by leaving the server, only to later return to the server, will be permanently banned from the server. Follow the rules, or suffer the consequences. Don't be a bitch and try to duck out of it.